PFF's highest-rated, lowest-graded Eagles from victory over Rams (and those players' season grades)

Here are Pro Football Focus' top-rated and lowest-graded Eagles from Philadelphia's win over the Rams (and a look at how they have performed all season).
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The lowest-graded Eagles from Week 5

Here's a look at the lowest-graded Eagles from Week 5's win Fear not. Some of the guys mentioned won't be on this list long.

6. Mario Goodrich: 27.7

Mario Goodrich
Cleveland Browns vs Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Philly did some experimentation in the slot this week. That gave second-year corner Mario Goodrich some playing time.

He hasn't played a ton, 57 defensive snaps in three games and another 35 on special teams. Some of the inexperience led to a team-low 27.7 overall mark, but a better showing versus the Minnesota Vikings (64.7) helps boost his season grades to 45.5 (coverage) and 46.1 (overall).

7. Jack Stoll: 35.9

Jack Stoll, Philadelphia Eagles
Jack Stoll, Philadelphia Eagles / Harry How/GettyImages

Jack Stoll isn't on this Eagles team because he's expected to contribute as a receiver. The question is this. Is his value as a blocker at times overrated? A season-long mark of 63.8 in the running game isn't shabby. In passing situations, he grades out at 28.9.

8. DeVonta Smith: 42.9

DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Let's settle something right now. We aren't worried about DeVonta Smith's off-day in Week 5. An offense as loaded as Philly's is going to, at times, leave one of its stars as the odd-man out. On Sunday, Smitty was the casualty.

He's still one of the best young talents at his position. Overall marks that have exceeded 70 three times this season demonstrate that, as does his 65.4 season rating.

9. Zach Cunningham: 43.8

Zach Cunningham, Philadelphia Eagles
Zach Cunningham, Philadelphia Eagles / Harry How/GettyImages

As stated earlier, football is a week-to-week grind. Zach Cunningham's Week 5 grade wasn't pretty, but his season mark is much better (64.2). The eyeball test is what we'll rely on here.

He's filled in admirably when asked to do so. He boasts season-long run defender, pressure, and coverage grades of 62, 54.1, and 67.2 respectively.

10. Justin Evans: 45.3

Justin Evans, Philadelphia Eagles
Justin Evans, Philadelphia Eagles / Harry How/GettyImages

Justin Evans missed Week 4's game versus the Washington Commanders, and we expected he'd need some time to get back to 100% health and functionality.

He racked up four tackles and a pass breakup which technically makes his most recent appearance his second-best of the current campaign, but PFF gave him low marks: 49 (coverage) 54.4 (run defense), and 45.3 (overall). He did, however, earn an 82.9 grade as a tackler.

His season grades are as follows: 61.2 (coverage), 67 (run defense), 58.3 (pressure), 90 (tackling), and 63.1 (overall).

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