Philadelphia Eagles career passing leaders: Who has the most passing yards in Eagles history?

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles
Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Here are the ten Eagles players with the most passing yards in franchise history.

Nothing beats surgical performances by signal-callers or a long bomb that lands in the hands of a receiver in the end zone. Philly has seen both. Birds fans have even seen one of their own go toe to toe with the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady, on football's biggest stage... and HE WON.

Damn, it feels good to be an Eagles fan that has watched this team for decades. Get a load of the names on this list. If you want to talk about the quarterback position and how to play the position the right way, you needn't look any further than the names on this list. How about a round of applause for a couple of handfuls of extraordinary Eagles? Check out Pro Football Reference to see the full list of Eagles signal-callers and where they fall.

Donovan McNabb (1999 - 2009)

  • 148 regular-season games played, 142 starts
  • 16 postseason games played, 16 starts
  • 4,746 attempts, 2,801 completions, 59% completion percentage (reg season)
  • 577 attempts, 341 completions, 59.1% comp percentage (postseason)
  • 32,873 passing yards (regular season)
  • 3,752 passing yards (postseason)
  • 216 TD passes (regular season), 24 passing TDs (postseason)
  • 3,249 rushing yards, 28 rushing TDs

Both legendary and controversial, statistically, Donovan McNabb is arguably the best quarterback in franchise history. Eventually, all of the passing records he owns will fall, but they haven't yet. Whether you love him or not, he helped lead one of the best eras of Eagles football. If only he had delivered a Super Bowl win. That's all that's missing from his resume.