Philadelphia Eagles career passing leaders: Who has the most passing yards in Eagles history?

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles
Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Ron Jaworski (1977 - 1986)

  • 142 regular-season games played, 137 starts
  • Seven postseason games played, seven starts
  • 3,918 attempts, 2,088 completions, 53.3% comp percentage (reg season)
  • 226 attempts, 103 completions, 45.6% comp percentage (postseason)
  • 26,963 passing yards (regular season)
  • 1,319 passing yards (postseason)
  • 175 passing TDs (reg season), Nine passing TDs (postseason)
  • 772 rushing yards, 12 rushing TDs

With the help of fellow Eagles legend Mike Quick, Ron Jaworski added his name to the NFL record books, and get this. They set a standard that can never be topped, a 99-yard TD pass from scrimmage.

The Polish Rifle earned a Pro Bowl nod and the Bert Bell Award in 1980. He also ranks second in franchise history in passing yards and TD passes.

Randall Cunningham (1985 - 1995)

  • 122 regular-season games played, 107 starts
  • Seven postseason games played, five starts
  • 3,362 attempts, 1,874 completions, 55.7% comp percentage (reg season)
  • 214 attempts, 113 completions, 52.8% comp percentage (postseason)
  • 22,877 passing yards (regular season)
  • 1,390 passing yards (postseason)
  • 150 passing TDs (reg season), Three passing TDs (postseason)
  • 4,482 rushing yards, 32 rushing TDs

Randall Cunningham ushered in a new era of franchise quarterback, one whose DNA can be found in the likes of other franchise legends like Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, and Jalen Hurts. His resume with this proud franchise includes two Second-team All-Pro nods (1988, 1992), three Pro Bowl nominations (1988–1990), and two Bert Bell Awards (1988, 1990). He's also a member of the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame.