Fletcher Cox trolls Deebo Samuel after another Super Bowl loss

He waited, and waited, and waited ... until it was time.
Philadelphia Eagles, Fletcher Cox
Philadelphia Eagles, Fletcher Cox / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Although the Philadelphia Eagles saw their season end before reaching Super Bowl LVIII, fans still had plenty to talk about.

In a way, this Super Bowl felt personal to some Eagles fans. If you have been following, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel had been throwing shade at the Eagles, left and right, for a while now.

Even just days before the big game, Samuel couldn't help himself as he refused to call the Eagles/49ers rivalry a real rivalry, noting that the last time these two teams played one another it wasn't even close.

Following the 49ers' loss to the Chiefs on Sunday night, though, one particular Eagle had had enough. Defensive lineman Fletcher Cox was unable to stay silent any longer.

Fletcher Cox let Deebo Samuel know that they still aren't on the same level.

Cox went on his social media and loudly proclaimed he still has something Samuel doesn't, and that of course, is a Super Bowl ring.

"I still got some you ain't got," he posted. "I been holding this one in son!!!!!"

Speaking of holding that one in, Cox wasn't lying. Apparently, he had even told some media members that he was close to firing away with the trolling prior to the big game. But, he waited for the right moment.

It doesn't appear this beef is going to end anytime soon. For now, I'm sure Eagles fans are ready and waiting for a response from Deebo.

It might take a while, though. Recovering from such a heartbreaking loss isn't easy, especially getting to the big game twice and losing both times, now.

Oh, you better believe Eagles fans are taking every opportunity to rag on the 49er faithful. It's what passionate NFL fans do best.

As for Cox and the Eagles, this offseason is now about resetting and recalibrating. The roster is talented, and with a good enough offseason of focus and tweaking strategy a bit, they'll get back to the big game in no time.