Playing 'pick' or 'pass' with some of the best Eagles' 2023 prop bets

The NFL season is here! Ahead of Week 1's game versus the Patriots, there are several Eagles prop bets that could be worth your attention.
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
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Prop Bet #5: Philadelphia Eagles Over 11 Regular Season Wins

There are two lines of thinking when it comes to predicting how many wins the Eagles will have this season.

The first one is the pessimistic side that views the Eagles' success last year as a product of a weaker schedule. In theory, a stronger 2023-2024 schedule would give the Eagles more challenges and result in a few more losses. The win total, as a result, would drop to the 10-11 range and make the Eagles a more battle-tested team.

On the other hand, the second line of thinking suggests that the Eagles will not falter against tougher opponents. Despite their own division getting better and having to face the likes of the Jets, Dolphins, 49ers, and Kansas City, the Eagles will still pull through with 12 or more regular season wins.

Where do I fall in relation to these two thought processes? In spite of facing much tougher opponents, I refuse to bet against the Eagles until proven otherwise. They are too talented as a roster to fall below double-digit wins, and I feel that they win most of their games against their tougher opponents. It may be controversial, but I do not see a way that the Eagles win less than 11 games.

Verdict: PICK

It is shaping up to be a very fun season for the Eagles, and I hope that you follow along with the prop bets above or with your own picks. After a wait that felt like forever, Eagles' football is finally back!

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