3 possible nightmare scenarios for the 2023 Eagles season

How about we just avoid anything and everything that closely resembles the 2020 season? That was a nightmare through and through, one the Eagles want to avoid in 2023.

Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
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Nightmare scenario #3: Jalen Hurts takes a step backward leading some to believe his 2022 season was an early outlier.

It’s not a secret that Jalen Hurts has made huge strides every season that he’s been QB1. He has solidified himself as Philly's franchise signal-caller, and we expect big things moving forward. What if there is a bump in the road though? What if that occurs this season?

Jalen has a bright future ahead of him, but what if, when we fast forward to March of 2024 and look at how this season went for him, we aren't satisfied with what we're seeing? It’s perfectly reasonable to imagine he might have regressed in a few areas. Given his new contract, he'll be under the microscope anyway. Maybe he throws more interceptions.

Who are we kidding though? It's hard not to believe in this guy

Jalen has earned our trust. It's doubtful that last year was an aberration. The fallout from an off-year would be discussed constantly. Brian Johnson would be questioned in his role as the Eagles' offensive coordinator. Thankfully, Hurts doesn't have to go it alone.

A.J. Brown returns for year two in Eagles green. The 2026 offseason would send DeVonta Smith to free agency, so you know he'll be focused on earning his extension and making a good impression (plus, he's a competitor). Hurts' future is bright, but every NFL QB sees peaks and valleys. Let's hope that doesn't occur in Philly this season.

That would put the defense in a miserable spot, constantly trying to bail water. Questions would be asked about whether or not the Eagles are stuck in contract hell with another franchise quarterback. The worst part about all of this is it would probably make Jason Kelce sad, and no one wants that. 

In 2020, Carson's regression was disgusting. His interception percentage went from 1.2% to 3.4%. His completion percentage dropped to 57.4% while his sack percentage increased to 10.3%. His QBR plummeted to 41.9.

Sure, we all know the past is the past and that comparing Jalen to Crson is like comparing Legos to Mega Bloks. Still, we have seen terrible things happen. You never know what to expect in the NFL. As Kelce once said, when we expect the Eagles to be bad, they're pretty good, but when we expect them to be good, they aren't.

All of that has been said to say this. Again, the 2020 season was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad nightmare. Let's not do anything close to that again.

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