Potential busts the Philadelphia Eagles should avoid in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Eagles need to hit the bullseye with this next NFL Draft class. They must beware of the boom-or-bust options.
T'Vondre Sweat, Philadelphia Eagles draft news
T'Vondre Sweat, Philadelphia Eagles draft news / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The hour approaches. The 2024 NFL Draft is less than a week away, and here we are. Excitement is at war with the fear factor. We have all watched enough of these to know there are no guarantees, so knowing we'd like to see the Philadelphia Eagles nail this one has us biting the fingernails a tad. Thankfully, we have Howie Roseman and his team on our side.

Selecting draft prospects is an inexact science. How many times have you heard that said? We have our roadmap. If nothing changes between now and Thursday (or during the draft's three days), Philly will make eight selections.

While no one knows what they will do, we have one measure of advice. Please don't ignore the warning signs.

The Eagles had better proceed with caution with the NFL Draft prospects on this list.

Seven years after adding eight players to the nest during the 2017 NFL Draft. None are on the Eagles' current roster. Nathan Gerry left after the 2020 season. That made Derek Barnett the class's sole survivor until last season. Let that sink in for a moment.

Through the years we have seen the Eagles move on from a tackle they selected in the first round (Andre Dillard) when they found out a seventh-rounder was better (Jordan Mailata). We have seen Jason Kelce drafted in the sixth round, 168 selections after Philly added Danny Watkins in the first. All of that leads us back to our original point.

You know what? The draft may not be an exact science, so here's where we'll end this. We have some concerns about a few guys. We're not marking them with the scarlet letter, but maybe they should because all are in the boom-or-bust category.

T'Vondre Sweat, interior defensive lineman, Texas

The younger brother of Josh Sweat, T'Vondre comes with red flags. There are questions about work ethic and desire.

He played well versus the Alabama Crimson Tide and Oklahoma Sooners last season. The rest of his tape leaves much to be desired. That isn't what any interested party wants to see.

He can be dominant and explosive or show up for work out of shape. Both are possible, so it's probably wise for Philly to keep shopping.

Kamren Kinchens, safety, Miami

Once seen as the top safety in the class a few months ago, Kamren Kinchens is without question on the boom-or-bust list. He's small and made several splash plays last season, but how effective will he be at the next level?

He didn't run well at the NFL Combine (a 4.65-second 40-yard dash) and his nine-foot-two-inch broad jump was the worst by any safety since 1999. A poor showing at the Senior Bowl was also discouraging. For us, it comes down to this. Can you envision him keeping up with NFL tight ends?

We can't. We could be wrong though.

Amarius Mims, offensive tackle, Georgia

Everyone is impressed by Amarius Mims' six-foot-eight, 340-pound frame and his athleticism. Everyone is worried about the same thing, his lack of experience. He only started eight games collegiately.

NFLcom's Lance Zierlein believes he'll become a good starter within two years, and he knows more about these matters than we do. That said, maybe Amarius can be trusted, but he's probably a first-rounder. So, we ask you... Should Philly bank on a polished player at 22 or an unknown with an upside?

Chop Robinson, EDGE, Penn State

Don't be shocked if Chop Robinson is one of the first four edge rushers taken. Don't be shocked if he slides out of Round 1 and into Round 2. There's a Nolan Smith vibe here with another component no one likes to hear. He missed all but seven games due to injury last season.

He's super athletic, but with his size and short wingspan, it will be tough for him to win with athleticism at the professional level. There are physical concerns here, and they can't be ignored.

Braden Fiske, interior defensive lineman, Florida State

Braden Fiske was impressive at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, but Pro Football Focus's Trevor Sikkema voices some concerns, many of which we agree with.

"What makes him boom or bust is his lack of length. His wingspan and arm length rank in the 5th and 3rd percentiles, respectively, for the position. Ultimately, we'll know more about his boom-or-bust potential based on where he is drafted".

He's an excellent pass rusher, but he could struggle at the pro level versus the run. Unfortunately for him, any team that drafts him will expect for him to do both.

Kool-Aid McKnistry, cornerback, Alabama

Look Philly... We know you're in love with Kool-Aid McKnistry. His football IQ is phenomenal. He adds value as a punt returner, but if you're curious about what his Sundays might look like, watch Alabama's game versus the Texas Longhorns last season. You're not going to like what you see.

The Texas receiving corps had their way, and though Kool-Aid performed better in the Crimson Tide's other games, there are also knocks from some scouts about his work ethic. The word in some circled is he is a lazy practice player with a bad body who thinks he can get by because he is football smart.

Have you seen enough? We have...

If Philly isn't trading up to take Terrion Arnold, they may want to ignore both Tide corners and address their need for a defensive back by looking elsewhere.

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