Pre-NFL Combine Mock Draft Roundup: Who are the Eagles taking?

We've combed the web and have found three NFL mock drafts worth discussing.
Nate Wiggins, Philadelphia Eagles draft news
Nate Wiggins, Philadelphia Eagles draft news / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

It's that time again. The final days of February trickle away, and March is upon us. That means it's mock draft season in the NFL, and you can best believe we're here for all the smoke. There are a few things Philadelphia Eagles fans must remember.

First things first. Some of you people get bent out of shape about everything. If this stuff angers you, that's your problem. It isn't that serious. This stuff is supposed to be fun. Let's get that out of the way right now.

No, Philly probably won't take the guys mentioned in a mock draft drawn up in February. Frankly mocks are more about ranking prospects and where we think they might fall. It's more about dissecting team needs and making guesses about how all of this stuff ties together than being accurate.

That being said, we've scoured the web to find a few theories. We'll focus on three cooked up by some guys that are good at this stuff.

Here's where it gets interesting. All see the Eagles doing something very uncharacteristic. The Birds take defensive backs in Round 1 in each of their mocks. That's something they've only done three times and their history and not since 2002.

Let's dig in.

Here's your pre-NFL Scouting Combine mock draft roundup.

We head over to Pro Football Focus, CBS Sports, and Here's what's being said with the NFL Svcouting Combine approaching.

Pro Football Focus: Nate Wiggins, Clemson

PFF's Max Chadwick and Dalton Wasserman join forces on this one, and Clemson's Nate Wiggins is Philly's choice at the 22nd-overall selection.

Wiggins stands at six-foot-two and tips the scales at 185 pounds. Here's the thing though. He might be the best outside cornerback in this class

CBS Sports (2 rounds): Cooper DeJean (Rd. 1), Ja'Lynn Polk & Kamren Kinchens

CBS Sports' Kyle Stackpole tried his hand at an intriguing mock that makes a few guesses on the first two rounds. Philly again uncharacteristically takes a defensive back here in Round 1, albeit a good one at 22 (Cooper DeJean). With pick 50, one they own the rights to by way of a trade with the New Orleans Saints they select wide receiver Ja'Lynn Polk (Washington). Safety Kamren Kinchens is the choice at 53.

While intriguing, it's hard to imagine scenarios that end with Philly taking two defensive backs and a wide receiver with their first three picks. It also seems like Kinchens makes more sense as a first-rounder.

Daniel Jeremiah, Ennis Rakestraw Jr., Missouri

"The Eagles have to address the pass defense this offseason. Rakestraw brings playmaking ability and toughness.". Those were the words of Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah on February 20th. He projected former Missouri Tigers standout Ennis Rakestraw Jr. at 22.

Rakestraw, a six-foot-tall, 188-pound defensive back is a 4.4-second 40 guy, one who, more often than not, has been graded as a second-round talent. It feels like taking him at 22 would be a huge reach, but we'll see how he's graded as we move through the pre-draft process.

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