Predicting the outcome of the Eagles' final four games

There's cause for worry, but don't fret. The Eagles are going to finish strong.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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The Philadelphia Eagles close their regular-season show with two very winnable games.

We've said this time and time again. The Eagles are rolling through the remainder of their schedule unscathed. We're on record. They close with four straight wins. They secure the division's title.

They are no longer the NFC's best team, at least not now. Who knows though? Once teams reach 'the tournament', as Bill Parcels used to say, anything can happen. Philly is definitely good enough to do that. The Cardinals and G-Men are simply speed bumps along their journey.

3. Arizona Cardinals (HOME) - Sun, Dec 31st at 1 pm EST

Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals
Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

Kyler Murray is a problem. He's never going to be focused or a team-first guy seemingly, but as far as what he does between the whistles, he's a cheat code.

Philadelphia can't stop a nosebleed as of late, but the Eagles are better than Arizona. We have to believe that,

Philly wins the 'Jonathan Gannon Bowl', but don't expect Zona to go away quietly.

Result: WIN - Eagles 31, Cardinals 23

4. New York Giants (AWAY) - TBD

Isaiah Hodgins, Tommy DeVito, New York Giants
Isaiah Hodgins, Tommy DeVito, New York Giants / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The Birds close the show in MetLife Stadium. We'll all form prayer circles while hoping no one hurts themselves on the worst field turf ever invented. Philadelphia holds the Giants to fewer than 17 points again while using Big Blue's defense as target practice for what we hope is another postseason run to the Super Bowl.

Result: WIN - Eagles 30, Giants 13

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