Pro Football Focus cranks up the Jalen Hurts disrespect train again

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

It's hard to believe this might be true, but history seems to be repeating itself. We're back to disrespecting Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts yet again.

It’s safe to say that Pro Football Focus is the owner of a pretty reliable ranking system and can be trusted most of the time. They have their algorithms and data, but occasionally, they throw stuff out there that we don't quite understand. For instance, they can get away with saying Landon Dickerson has a rating of 87.3, and we’ll believe them because no one understands what they’re talking about.

Who doesn't love PFF though? They keep the debates hot and heavy, but when we're ready to pat them on the back, they drop a list of their Top-10 starting QBs ahead of the regular season. Here is what they came up with.

Okay, someone seriously has to explain why Jalen Hurts isn't on a list of the NFL's top ten quarterbacks.

You’re going to put Jalen Hurts at seven? Seriously? Seven? Did you wake up this morning and eat a bowl of paint chips? Did you outsource this ranking to Chris Simms? Did you donate blood and hit the bars before you came up with this? Did you spend all day huffing turpentine? What is happening?

Let’s look at the guys ranked ahead of QB1. We waited on an announcement that this was a joke, and it appears that announcement isn't coming.

Lamar Jackson (ranked sixth)

The last time Lamar Jackson strung two great seasons together, we were discussing what he was doing in 2019 and 2020. Yeah, dude won an NFL MVP trophy, but let's be honest with ourselves here. That was four years ago.

The facts are facts. Lamar has won one playoff game and has only played in 12 games during both of the past two seasons. Yes, he’s a top-ten QB in the league. He may even be a top-five talent if he stays healthy, but is he better than Jalen? Let's get real.

Aaron Rodgers (ranked fifth)

Oh, so we’re just going to keep doing the Aaron Rodgers thing. Okay, cool.

Yes, he has won the MVP four times. Congratulations to you Aaron. It’s super cool that you have beaten up an NFC North where your opponents have a combined record of 83-113-2 over the past four seasons.
That’s truly a murderer's row of opponents you got to play against multiple times a year.

Justin Herbert (ranked fourth)

Calling Justin Herbert a ‘Social Media Quarterback’ is an insult that no one understands.
It’s better to just say, 'This guy has done nothing with a lot'.

Congrats on throwing a pretty spiral. It was very cool seeing that in slow motion on Hard Knocks in 2020, but when are we going to judge this guy based on what he has done in big moments?

Joe Burrow (ranked third)

Jalen walked into the Super Bowl and set records. Joe Burrow walked into the Super Bowl, threw one touchdown, and got sacked seven times. But, yeah sure... Place Joe Burrow at #3 if you want to do that.

Josh Allen (ranked second)

Think of Josh Allen in the same manner that you think of North Korea. Sure, there's a rocket there, but there may be some issues with aiming and accuracy.

Patrick Mahomes (ranked first)

Mahomes is a system QB. The receivers did everything for him last year. His Average Depth of Target was 5.5 yards. He’s trash. Well... Not really, but we still think Jalen Hurts deserves to be ranked higher. The last time we saw both, Jalen outplayed Patrick on football's biggest stage, the Super Bowl. That fact can't be denied.

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