Quinyon Mitchell has conquered the first hurdle on his Eagles journey

First things first... Prove you belong... Quinyon Mitchell is on his way!
Quinyon Mitchell, Philadelphia Eagles
Quinyon Mitchell, Philadelphia Eagles / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Regardless of how high you were drafted or what your press clippings state, every NFL rookie finds his way to the same destination, a preseason roster and a locker room where you must prove to 90 other men that you are worthy. That's what Quinyon Mitchell, each Philadelphia Eagles draftee, every undrafted rookie free agent, and every new face in the building is dealing with. Q's situation is slightly different though.

Most viewed him as one of the top two or three prospects at his position. Philly acquired him with a first-round selection. He is expected to succeed, especially since he plays a position of need for his football team.

Quinyon Mitchell is off to a great start as he has won his veteran teammates over.

Forget collegiate accolades. Forget how many 'stars' you were given as a prep-level standout. The NFL is a completely different ball game. While much is expected of Quinyon, he hasn't played a down of professional football yet, so he'll have to prove that he belongs.

It looks like he is off to a good start.

During a pre-practice session at mandatory minicamp, A.J. Brown spent just under ten minutes with select members of the Philly media. Somehow, we thought rook might come up. It didn't take long before he did, and we can gather that he has already won one of the Eagles' best players on offense over.

Slay has long been on board...

Brandon Graham, a longtime leader in the locker room and on the field, also spoke with the Philly media on Wednesday. He also co-signed on Mr. Mitchell, taking time to state the following:

“He’s as advertised. He’s playing fast. I mean you see why he went first round. Cooper (DeJean)... same thing. Smart... (He's) picking up on little stuff, on what some of the (other) guys do."

They say 'game recognizes game'. Coop has conquered the first hurdle, winning over the veterans in the locker room. Now, he has to win on the field, day in and day out. Something tells us he won't have any issues there.

Check out B.G.'s full interview below.

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