Rallying cries as Eagles begin preparing for Monday Night Football and the Seahawks

The Eagles threw on the pads for a Wednesday afternoon practice. It appears they won't be canceling the rest of their season.
Reed Blankenship, Philadelphia Eagles
Reed Blankenship, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Okay, you guys have had time to calm down. Let's rap. Those recent Philadelphia Eagles losses were tough to watch. We get it, but that fallout was nasty, so where are we now? Are we chalking things up to legitimate concerns or were we overreacting to some degree?

Look, we're not saying we should ignore weeks 13 and 14, but some things need to be taken into account. We heard some of the same concerns with the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys earlier in this NFL campaign. No one seems to want to remember that though.

Does anyone remember when the 49ers and Cowboys were being classified as the Eagles are now?

Sometimes, the memory must be jogged. Think back to the end of October. The Niners lost three straight, and we were saying some of the same things about them that we're currently saying about Philly.

Kyle Shanahan couldn't coach and was the product of having great players. Brock Purdy couldn't play anymore. Guess what happened? The Niners steadied the ship. It happens.

The Cowboys were blown out by San Francisco. Before playing the Seattle Seahawks, we were discussing their easy road. They steadied their ships and are now being viewed as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Why do we believe Philly can't bounce back?

Did we also forget that Dallas and San Fran both enjoyed ten days of rest before their games with the Birds? Did we forget Philly was walking through the toughest part of their schedule? From what we hear, the Birds aren't canceling the rest of their season, so yes, they're in it until they're officially eliminated.

Guess what? Dallas steadied their ship while playing some tomato cans. Now, they enter a difficult stretch in their schedule. If Philly wins out, they win the NFC East and assure themselves of at least one home playoff game. Game on folks! Game on!

Philly means business. They scrapped the usual Wednesday walkthrough and were in full pads as head coach Nick Sirianni had his team focused on tackling the fundamentals. Other than that, you pretty much know the drill. Most of the squad worked while some of the guys sat out.

There's good news to report. A familiar face seems to be okay and healthy. Reed Blankenship was on the field with his teammates.

Yeah... You aren't allowed to do that if you don't pass the NFL's concussion protocol. So, with that being said, this is a good sign. The Birds released a full injury report later in the afternoon.

Look, we aren't saying that the Eagles don't have issues that need fixing. We're just saying 'relax a little'. We knew this stretch of football would be tough.

We said, if the Birds exited the gauntlet with two losses, we'd be satisfied. They're probably going to do just that.

In addition, they have a great chance of finishing the campaign with a 14-3 record. Come on guys. That's a lot tp be proud of.

All that is necessary is to fight your way into the postseason. Philly's going to do that. Once we're there anything can happen.

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