Ranking the 5 EDGE splash signings the Eagles must pursue in free agency

Long story short, the Eagles have some money to throw around this offseason, and we'd like to see them spend some on an edge rusher.
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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4. Bryce Huff, New York Jets

Bryce Huff has had a good career so far, playing some damn good football on a disgustingly awful football team. You can't blame the New York Jets defense for that though. Huff was one of a handful of guys that were a joy to watch.

If he were to swap that Jets Gotham Green for the Midnight-Green hue our Eagles wear, we wouldn't complain at all. There were questions about whether his 2022 season was an aberration, but he responded with another fine campaign in 2023.

He may not bring much to his next team other than being a nice rotational designated pass rusher. Fortunately, that might be all the Eagles need him to be.

3. Danielle Hunter, Minnesota Vikings

Danielle Hunter is getting a little long in the tooth. He turns 30 years young two days before Halloween which, by NFL standards, makes him eligible for football's version of assisted living at your local retirement home. He will be one of the top five pass rushers in free agency come March though. As you can see, we only rank two potential splash signings higher.

As part of Brian Flores’ blitz-heavy Vikings attack, he displayed a skill set that will work in both the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive schemes. Stand him up or place his hand in the dirt. It doesn't matter how he is deployed.

He dealt with injuries earlier during his career, but he's been pretty sturdy as of late. He played more than 900 snaps last season and racked up 18 sacks, but regression could be around the corner.