Ranking Eagles undrafted rookies with the best chance to make Philadelphia's 16-man practice squad

They have had great summers, but a handful of Eagles rookies seemingly have better shots at making the practice squad than the initial 53-man roster.
Joseph Ngata, Philadelphia Eagles
Joseph Ngata, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The finish line is in sight, and an impressive Eagles undrafted rookie free agent class has one more shot to make impressions.

Attention rookies! There is no more room for error. We get where you're coming from though. We pay attention to the same things that you do. The Philadelphia Eagles tend to employ a light off-season work schedule which has some of you thinking there aren't as many opportunities to prove yourselves as you would like. Still, none of that can be used as excuses. This is the NFL. You had better make the most of every opportunity. That includes the ones you'll earn in the preseason finale.

Sure, Philly doesn't tackle as often as you probably would have liked. They typically cancel mandatory minicamps. League offices also have their rules for workload management, so for some of you who are on the bubble, there aren't a ton of ways to do some extra homework to make impressions.

Again, none of that can be used as excuses though. This is pro football. That's how it works, but here's the bright side. Some of you may be closer to earning jobs than you think.