Ranking early potential Nick Sirianni replacements if Eagles move on after NFL Playoffs

Should Nick Sirianni remain as the Eagles' head coach? Some say yes, but let's discuss a few options if he doesn't.
Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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Honorable mentions:
Aaron Glenn - Detroit Lions defensive coordinator

The Detroit Lions aren't being viewed as a favorite to win the Super Bowl (or the NFC for that matter), but as was the case with the Eagles last season, they'll probably lose their offensive and defensive coordinators.

Aaron Glenn is someone to watch. He's someone who'd be popular with players as a great coach who's a former player himself. Again, we wonder if Philly would hire a defensive mind though, so for now, because of that and because we believe we have ten better options, we'll place him as an 'honorable mention'.

Antonio Pierce - Raiders interim head coach

Seeing what Antonio Pierce has done with the Raiders as their interim head coach has been impressive. Based on the results and quality of his team's play alone, we have arrived at a radical theory. Pierce is a better head coach than Josh McDaniels, and some of you, though you refuse to admit this now, wanted McDaniels to be the Eagles' coach. Oh yeah, we have hung on to the receipts!

The Raiders could give their head coaching job to Pierce permanently or they could seek some other option. Mark these words though. If they elect to move on, this young man won't be unemployed for very long. Place his name on the list of honorable mentions as well.

Now, that you have those two in mind, here's what our top ten list of possible Nick Sirianni replacements looks like. Don't be shocked if you learn the pool isn't as rich with milk and honey as you have been led to believe.