Ranking early potential Nick Sirianni replacements if Eagles move on after NFL Playoffs

Should Nick Sirianni remain as the Eagles' head coach? Some say yes, but let's discuss a few options if he doesn't.
Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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10. Dave Canales - Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator

Expect a few guys to emerge seemingly out of nowhere during the coming hiring cycle. Dan Canales is expected to be one of those names we hear more often. The Carolina Panthers requested to interview him.

His personality has earned him a few admirers. Some are concerned that he's only been an offensive coordinator for one season, but the same can be said about Broan Johnson. Remember, Philly's O.C. has earned an interview with the Panthers as well.

Here's where we harbor concern.

9. Mike Vrabel - 56-48 in six NFL seasons (including playoffs)

Mike Vrabel has the personality that an Eagles coach would need, but he only consistently does a little else that an NFL head coach would need to thrive at to guarantee yearly success. Some might argue that he's been let down by an average organization, but he and his former general manager (Jon Robinson) are equally as responsible for getting the latter fired.

Mike Vrabel has had talent. He has benefited by coaching in a normally below-average NFC South, and he still got himself fired. It's hard to imagine a second chance in another division would catapult him to new heights, especially seeing as how, in his final season, he was leapfrogged by rookie head coach DeMeco Ryans.