Ranking top remaining free agents who have been linked to the Eagles

There are still options available if the Eagles are hoping to add to the roster's cupboard. Here, we rank a few that have been mentioned as possible additions.
Hunter Renfrow, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Hunter Renfrow, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Michael Owens/GettyImages

It's something about waiting until the last minute. It works when we're talking about Christmas shopping (sometimes). It isn't always the best option when Thanksgiving is a day or so away and we haven't begun cooking. Somehow, whenever the Philadelphia Eagles decide to do some last-minute shopping or add to the roster's soufflé, they tend to do themselves a solid more often than not.

Typically, when we get late into the roster-building process, we're talking about an additon at defensive back. Remember, this was a team that traded for Ronald Darby late in August of 2017.

They added Steven Nelson in July of 2021. The trade to bring C.J. Gardner-Johnson into the nest occurred in August 2022. James Bradberry was signed in May 2022. That's relatively early, but you get the idea. This team has no issue with making an addition during the 11th hour.

Ahead of training camp, it's quiet, so we're doubling back to topics like new roster additions and remaining free agents. Guess what? Some great players are still looking for jobs, and lines are being drawn connecting the dots that represent those guys and Philly.

Let's rank a few. The skill set was taken into account while doing so. We also thought about team needs and how much steam each player might have left.

4. Eddie Jackson, safety

NFL Trade Rumors named Eddie Jackson as one of their top ten remaining free agents. They mentioned the Eagles as a possible landing spot though they also stated he has a connection with Sean Desai who is... umm... no longer with the Birds, but if you don't spend too much time discussing the error, you can see the logic.

Philly's top three options at safety are C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Reed Blankenship, and Sydney Brown. All have had injury concerns. The other three safeties on the current depth chart right now are Mekhi Garner, Tristin McCollum, and UDFA Andre Sam. It's too early to tell, but all of those guys could be deemed expendable.

3. Justin Simmons, safety

We're keeping with the theme of Philly's history of adding defensive backs late here. We welcome you to Justin Simmons' portion of the conversation. Logan Ulrich, the writer of the previously-mentioned NFL Trade Rumors story, also mentions the Eagles as a possible landing spot here.

Jackson is good, but Simmons might be a tad better. If you've been paying attention, the Justin Simmons conversations have been ongoing in Eagles circles all offseason, and they aren't going away. Many NFL insiders, Albert Breer included, have mentioned Philly as a landing place that makes sense. It's also worth mentioning that he has played under new Eagles DC Vic Fangio.

2. Hunter Renfrow, wide receiver

One of our favorite platforms, The 33rd Team, mentioned Philly as a possible landing spot for wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. It's a move that would make sense. That would give Philly a great slot option to team with A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. It also gives the Birds some insurance should any injuries occur.

Philadelphia also houses veteran Parris Campbell and rookie draftee Ainias Smith on the roster, but if they aren't satfisfied there, a Renfrow acquisition would be welcomed.

1. Calais Campbell, EDGE

We have never seen the fountain of youth and, for that reason, deny its existence, but if it does exist, Calais Campbell has to have found it and is probably drinking from its waters. ESPN's Matt Bowen mentioned him as a possible Eagles acquisition to help bolster their pass rush. Frankly, we have no issues with the idea (as long as a deal is team-friendly).

Campbell turns 38 years old on September 1. That has to be the only reason he hasn't been called yet because he never shows signs of regression. One would think it would have to come at some point. Maybe it will, but that hasn't been the case each time we see him.

In Atlanta with the Falcons last season, he tallied 56 tackles, a forced fumble, and 6.5 sacks. The bonus here is that the Eagles don't need him to step into a starting role.

Picture this. Bryce Huff, Josh Sweat, Brandon Graham, Nolan Smith, and Calais manning the controls of Philly's pass rush. With Fangio manning the controls, this is a rotation that may prove to be unstoppable.

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