Rating Eagles star A.J. Brown's mini-tantrum and other recent sideline blowups of recent memory

So, we came up with a sliding scale and rated A.J. Brown's recent mini-tantrum. Then, we did the same with a few other sideline displays of recent memory.
A.J. Brown v Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown v Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Honorable (or dishonorable) mention Tom Brady throws the Microsoft Surface tablet.

This is really just a baseline. If a competitor is upset, sometimes they throw controllers (E-athletes). Sometimes, they throw tablets. In other words, this was actually the most relatable thing Brady has done in his life.

Please, just take a minute to bask in how disgusted Tom was in himself. This is how every single one of us felt every time we saw an ESPN commercial for Man in the Arena.

Rating: one out of five Anger Points

Odell Beckham Jr. goes a round with the kicking net.

Journeyman wide receiver Odell Bechman Jr. has been a top-tier drama queen for almost a decade now. One of his better acts of lunacy was back in 2016 when the New York Giants were playing the team from Washington in Week 3.

OBJ was having a pretty decent game, catching the ball seven times for 121 yards. Then in the 4th quarter, quarterback Eli Manning did what he’s known for and threw a game-sealing interception.

It looked like a conversion with Manning went south and sparked a fit of rage for OBJ, which drove him to fight an inanimate object. The worst part of all of this is he lost that fight.

Later on in the season he got down on a knee and apologized to the net because he’s a corny dork. This is the lowest-ranked sideline altercation because it was just OBJ embarrassing and hurting himself, not the whole team.

Rating: two out of five Anger Points