Reasonable expectations, wacky theories surrounding Week 6 Eagles versus Jets game

Spoiler alert: We see no scenario in which the Jets upset the Eagles in Week 6. Here's how we see this one playing out.
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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As the hour approaches, we have played this Eagles versus Jets game out in our minds 200 times.

You may have heard this a time or two... or twenty... The Philadelphia Eagles have never lost to the New York Jets. Philly took the first meeting by one point in 1973. They have won the 11 meetings that have followed.

Some say counting wins before they occur isn't wise. We understand where those people are coming from, but we fully expect the Birds to win here.

There are times when there's really nothing left to say. We have discussed this game since Week 5's contest versus the Los Angeles Rams wrapped.

We have imagined how this one will play out. We have discussed everything from the Jets who are worth watching to the jerseys Philly will wear, but that won't stop us from continuing the banter now, will it?

Again, this may come off as overconfidence or ignoring the potential of the dreaded 'trap game', but again, we see no scenario in which Philly loses this game.

We have played out scenarios and rocked out with Madden NFL 24 simulations. Our thirst wasn't satisfied, so ahead of Week 6's game, we offer yet another take. How about wacky theories and reasonable expectations?

Let's begin with the former.