Reasonable expectations, wacky theories surrounding Week 6 Eagles versus Jets game

Spoiler alert: We see no scenario in which the Jets upset the Eagles in Week 6. Here's how we see this one playing out.
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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Philly's rushing attack outgains that of the New York Jets.

Every time we think about the Eagles' offensive line, Jeff Stoutland, and the manner in which the Eagles bully teams when running the ball, we find ourselves tossing around thoughts that we can't stop thinking. Here's an example.

The only thing that can stop Philly's running game is this coaching staff's decision to abandon it. These guys are virtually unstoppable.

Jets tailback Breece Hall enters Week 6's game averaging an astounding 7.2 yards per carry. We could care less. He's getting no help from Dalvin Cook, and we expect the Eagles D-line to neutralize the Jets rushing attack. Expect the Birds to outgain New York on the ground in this one.

The Eagles' defense generates AT LEAST three sacks AND two turnovers.

Here's how we'll put this. We predicted this game would result in an Eagles win when we thought Aaron Rodgers would be the starting quarterback. We aren't going to walk that one back because Zach Wilson is the guy now.

Prediction: Philly's defense generates three sacks or more, and the pressure forces Wilson into a few errant throws. The result? New York's QB1 turns the ball over a couple of times.

Let's talk about some rather bold predictions/wacky expectations.