Reasons Kellen Moore was the Eagles best OC choice despite not being everyone's top choice

Don't look now Eagles fans, but Philly may have knocked one out of the park here.
Kellen Moore, Philadelphia Eagles
Kellen Moore, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

We've spent the last week channeling our inner-Howie Roseman. We've all thrown our imaginary general manager caps and tossed around ideas about who the Philadelphia Eagles should hire as their offensive and defensive coordinators. If you're like most, you probably even crafted a few mock interview questions for sit-downs you'll never have with guys you would like to see pace the sideline next season.

Come on. Don't act like we're the only ones who have done that.

If you missed the news, don't beat yourselves up too badly. Many of us retired early to get a jump on Championship Game Sunday. When we woke up early on Sunday morning, we learned the Birds had made a decision about their vacant offensive coordinator's chair.

Per Adam Schefter and the staff at ESPN, Philly is expected to hire Kellen Moore as their next OC. This comes on the heels of their addition of Vic Fangio to fill the defensive coordinator's role. Moore wasn't every fan and member of the media's top choice. As you may have heard, Fangio's hire has caused quite a stir in two fan bases (and locker rooms).

The moral here is you can't please everyone, but more could impress. He's a bang-for-buck hire that could pay dividends.

Here are three reasons Kellen Moore might be the Eagles best choice despite failing to earn the title of everyone's top choice.

Moore, a former rival who was once a member of the Dallas Cowboys' coaching staff, joins Philly's nest after a single season in L.A. with the Chargers as their OC. He'll bring creativity to the Eagles offense, something they have been lacking. If you're feeling cold about this idea, trust us. You'll warm up.

Championship windows close quickly in the NFL, and Kellen Moore has already proven he can succeed at the NFL level.

One of the major criticisms of the Eagles' hiring cycle last season was they rocked out with unproven play-callers at the offensive and defensive coordinator positions to 'run it back' and make another push for a second Lombardi Trophy. Moore has proven he can help QB and offensive talent succeed and win at the professional level.

Though the Cowboys and Chargers didn't win a Super Bowl because of his efforts (we aren't complaining), Moore has proven his mettle. This is a much better idea than pulling in a collegiate coach and/or Kliff Kingsbury.

He comes highly recommended.

Moore's name has impressed in NFL circles for a while now. The Chargers, despite how things ended this season, liked him so much, they blocked other NFL teams from interviewing him until they were certain they had landed Jim Harbaugh.

Smarter minds than ours rave over the football IQ and acumen. He joins Philly after a quick interview with the Cleveland Browns.

The numbers speak for themselves, most of them anyway.

Well, it always comes down to the stats, doesn't it? Do us and yourselves a favor. Throw last season with the Chargers out. No one was going to succeed there with Brandon Staley. For a better idea of who Moore is, look at what he did in Dallas as their OC from 2019 to 2022.

During that span, the Cowboys consistently hovered around being a top-five offense. They converted 44% of their third-down attempts into first downs. They also stacked 391 yards per contest. Don't worry Birds fans. He'll also use some pre-snap motion.

There are no perfect coaching hires, but there are times when teams can land the best hire for their present circumstances. Moore could be the latter for this Eagles organization.

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