Reasons for optimism and confidence in the Eagles cornerbacks ahead of Philly's 2023 season

There is talent everywhere on the Eagles' defense, but the cornerbacks may have the most impact on Philadelphia's success.
Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
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The Eagles corners will play a significant role in Philadelphia's team success in 2023.

It is important that the Eagles have talented corners on their defense. Why that is necessary is obvious. There are two significant reasons.

The play of Slay and Bradberry is the first part of the answer. If the duo can continue to play at a high level, the Eagles' defense should be able to function at its highest capacity. At their best, both cornerbacks can shut down most NFL wideouts and can allow the Eagles' front seven to dominate.

The second part of the answer only comes into play if the two starters falter, whether it is due to injury or performance. The play of Jobe, Ringo, and Ricks, if called upon, will have a huge impact on whether the Eagles can still play their brand of defense at a high level.

Essentially, the cornerback room can be seen as the last piece of a Jenga game. If the pieces stay still, the entire structure of the defense will be able to stand tall. But if that piece starts moving, cracks in the foundation can appear and knock the entire structure over.

Whether it is starters or back-ups, every corner on the Eagles' roster could impact the 2023 season. Their production will impact not only the defense and its stability, but the overall team's success.

The defense is one of the engines that move the Eagles, and depending on the production of the cog that is the cornerbacks, the engine will either move at full speed or stall out and stop the entire car's functionality.

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