Recent Cowboys decisions prove this age-old Eagles rival still isn't evolving or paying attention

Rest easy Eagles fans. Philadelphia is in a much better position than Dallas is, and that will be the case for quite some time.
Trevon Diggs, Philadelphia Eagles
Trevon Diggs, Philadelphia Eagles / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

As strange as this might sound, there are times when we sit and wonder about what some of the Philadelphia Eagles legends would have been paid had they played during the current NFL era. According to Spotrac, Randall Cunningham earned $30.3 million over 16 seasons as a professional. The deal Reggie White signed when he left Philly for Green Bay paid him $17 million over four seasons. Come on... Norman Braman couldn't give The Minister of Defense $5 million per season?

That isn't why we're here though. We're here to discuss an age-old Eagles rival, the Dallas Cowboys. We're also here to discuss the proper way to construct an NFL team. Most teams have figured it out.

Here's what's interesting. If Randall and Reggie were playing today, they'd still be premium players and among the game's most sought-after difference-makers. Heck, Randall would be earning more than $30 million per season. As complicated as the NFL can be, roster building when done properly seems to be pretty straightforward. If the talent is available, what should be done is a no-brainer.

Step one is to find a franchise quarterback. Then, you find offensive linemen to keep him upright. Once you have that figured out, you go and add some pass rushers that can make the opposing quarterback's life a living hell.

What comes next is up for debate. Some think you go and add skill players that provide a solid supporting cast for the aforementioned franchise signal-caller. Others elect to go the route of adding more defensive talent, especially in the secondary. After all, a strong pass rush and elite cover guys make for one heck of a combination.

Regardless of where you stand on that, here's where most of us agree. What you don't do is build from the 'outside in'. You don't overpay for wide receivers and cornerbacks before building the trenches. You sure as heck don't overpay for running backs. We learned that from Andy Reid, and Howie Roseman has perfected this business model as he has settled into becoming the game's top executive.

Dallas hasn't been as wise during recent seasons. We have seen the Cowboys pay a mid-level quarterback, Dak Prescott, like he is one of the game's best. We have seen exorbitant amounts of money shelled out for Ezekiel Elliott. It's moves like these that have handcuffed the franchise.

This past offseason, they placed the franchise tag on Tony Pollard when there were other needs to address. That may not work out for them either as he plays the game's most punishing position. Now with one of their best offensive linemen frustrated about his salary, Dallas has elected to pitch their coins in the direction of a cornerback albeit a good one.

Eagles fans aren't going to have to endure the sleepless nights that Cowboys fans will have to suffer through.

By now, you have heard the announcement. Six-time First-Team All-Pro Zack Martin isn't happy. He doesn't want to come to work. What did Dallas do? They paid a cornerback.

Trevon Diggs inks a new deal, one that is reportedly worth $97 million over five years. It is also reported that said deal comes with a max value of $104 million. No one is saying that he isn't deserving of a big payday. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What we are saying is Dallas has other needs that are more pressing, and history has taught us that you don't win in the NFL by making huge investments into the secondary BEFORE you take care of your trench warriors.

We also learned that from Andy Reid. And, again, Howie Roseman has taught a masterclass on the subject during his tenure as Eagles GM. Feel good about your GM Eagles fans. He has been impressive. That isn't what we're seeing from the leadership structure in Dallas.

The Cowboys are reportedly working on an extension for Terrence Steele, so they haven't forgotten about the offensive line per se. Still, it appears that Zack Martin is ticked off, and in a league where games are won and lost in the trenches, that isn't good news for Cowboys fans, even if they are the most fair-weather fans in all of sports.

When it comes to the Eagles/Cowboys rivalry, the championship tally favors Dallas (five Super Bowl wins for the Cowboys versus three NFL Championships and a Super Bowl win for the Birds). No Eagles fan should hang their heads though. Most Cowboys fans don't remember those wins anyway. Here's where you can also find some solace.

Philly is in a much better position than the guys in Texas. Philly has a better leadership structure. They have a better quarterback. They are led by a better coach.

It bears repeating. The Cowboys have given just under $100 million to a cornerback who, though talented, is just as susceptible to being burned as he is to creating the big turnover. They added Stephon Gilmore by way of a trade. He is due $10.9 million this season. Meanwhile, they're suspect along the defensive line's interior, even with the addition of Mazi Smith during the NFL Draft and the decision to re-sign Johnathan Hankins.

And you, Dallas Cowboys fan, wonder why this team keeps disappointing when they need to be at their best in big moments. Sure, being a Philadelphia sports fan ensures that there will be disappointments as well, but make no mistake about it. Life hasn't been that bad as a Birds enthusiast, and you're in much better shape than you would be had your parents raised you wrong and you would have become a Cowboys fan.

The Birds are going to be very good for a very long time. The so-called America's Team probably won't be. More often than not, they are going to find themselves juggling bad contracts and rebuilding constantly because of mismanagement, especially while Jerry Jones runs things.

Who would have thunk? We almost made it through an entire story about a poorly-run Cowboys outfit without mentioning good ol' Jerry.

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