Recent Eagles decisions that will pay off despite currently seeming disastrous

Here's some encouragement after hearing some of the offseason Eagles storylines that may have you worried.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Why did the Eagles trade for Kevin Byard?

Vic Fangio and Kevin Byard are hanging out in similar places. Both carved out their lanes in the league and impressed. Both have landed in the nest, but we fear their additions would have been more fruitful had they occurred two to three years ago.

Some say the NFL has caught up to Fangio's scheme. We'll see! But, moving on from Byard allows the Eagles to save more than $14 million. If he hangs around and Philly moves forward, we trust Howie to finagle the numbers so they are team-friendly.

Let's again make long stories shorter. The good news is the Eagles aren't handcuffed by his deal.

Is it fair to state that maybe the Eagles should move on from those old guys?

Did the Eagles hang on to Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox longer than they needed to? No, they did not! Is it just us, or were they the only two guys giving it their all in that Wild Card Round game?

B.G. has stated he'd like to play 15 seasons. He'd hit his target by suiting up for the Birds in 2024. There's still a little tread left on the tire. Plus he provides so much more than snaps. He's a joy to have in the locker room.

Cox has hinted at retiring, but he isn't sure. He's taking things 'day by day'. He probably isn't worth $14.3 million anymore, and if we're being honest, if he exited stage left, there's a lot the Eagles could do with the money he'd free up. Still, like Graham, some guys add more than sacks. Fletch has evolved into quite the leader and has had a tremendous influence on Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis.

That brings us to Jason Kelce. It's safe to say he'll be back if he wants to play. You'll find no complaints here (or anywhere else) if he does. He's still playing the game at a high level, but he also has a bright future and options if he moves on. Stay tuned. Everyone will be watching his every move until he makes a decision.

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