Recent Eagles draftees who haven't received extensions but are already on the hot seat

These guys have a lot to prove, and they need to do so quickly.

Marlon Tuipulotu, Philadelphia Eagles
Marlon Tuipulotu, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Kenneth Gainwell, running back

While we realize the Eagles organization loves Kenneth Gainwell more than many fans, he is currently the only tailback from the 2023 roster under contract for the coming season. He'll again be part of the process.

Kenny G, as you know, plays football's most punished position. That alone puts him under the microscope. Unless Gainell suddenly morphs into the second coming of LeSean McCoy, chances of a long-term extension here are minimal. Expect every carry and misstep here to be dissected all season.

Patrick Johnson, EDGE/linebacker

Okay... Remember that stuff we said about Grant Calcaterra's emergence being a bonus? He was a sixth-round selection. Imagine how teams must view seventh-rounders. They are fighting for their jobs constantly, and Patrick Johnson will do exactly that in 2024.

48 regular-season games that span three seasons have resulted in two starts, 35 tackles, and a forced fumble. Another Eagles free-agency, draft, and undrafted free-agent class will further muddy things at the bottom of Philly's depth chart. An extension for Johnson is in no way certain.

Definitely worth a mention: Tarron Jackson, defensive end

Tarron Jackson is what some might call 'hustling backwards'. He went from appearing in all 17 games as a rookie to being on the active roster for four games since then. All four of those games were in 2022. He wasn't on the active roster for any games in 2023.

He has spent most of his time on the practice squad as of late and hasn't registered a single defensive statistic since his rookie season. With a new defensive coaching staff, he again must prove himself, but he's running out of opportunities to do so.

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