Respected Eagles voices are still understandably confused following another excruciating loss

Make this mental note immediately. Never look to Eagles social media circles for comfort during crisis.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin R. Wexler / USA TODAY NETWORK

Now what? Had it not been for the knowledge that we were conscious during all of this, we would have sworn we were having a bad dream. The Philadelphia Eagles were coasting with a 10-1 record. They topped everyone's power rankings. Jalen Hurts was an MVP favorite. That's when the train began separating from the tracks.

There were three straight losses. One seemingly more excruciating than the last. There was the double-digit loss to the San Francisco 49ers and another embarrassing affair versus the hated Dallas Cowboys. Then it happened. Things completely went off the rails versus the Seattle Seahawks. Drew Lock needed to march his team 92 yards with less than two minutes remaining, and that's exactly what he did.

Philly beat the rival New York Giants on Christmas, but it was too close for comfort. Two more losses followed, to the lowly Arizona Cardinals and those same Giants. From 10-1 to 11-6, just like that. The Birds have backed into the postseason, and even though we believe we should be positive, it's hard to do that.

Familiar media voices react to another heartbreaking Eagles loss as Philly's Wild Card Round game looms.

From what we understand, the Philadelphia Eagles aren't canceling their Wild Card Round game in Tampa versus the Buccaneers. That means we're going to have to knuckle up and rally behind our guys one more time. We're trying to be positive, but it's hard to do so, right?

They tell us that head coach Nick Sirianni is a leader of men and a master motivator. Maybe he'll say something that can do the trick. Here's some of what he said postgame.

Nope... That didn't work. We've heard that or something to that effect said all season. The same old messages are stale now. We'll tell you what though. This sickening feeling in the pits of our stomachs has to go away... And, quickly.

Here's the issue. We did what intelligent people should never do in crisis. We went to social media for answers. What we found was the usual cesspool of trolls and fairweather fans, but respected voices that have followed our favorite team for a while are also stirring. Here's some of what is being said. Don't worry. We removed some of the NSFW content so you wouldn't have to wade through that.

Well, you had to know Seth Joyner would bring the heat.

Joyner continued his thoughts on Monday.

Listen to the full audio of the 94 WIP-FM Morning Team's chat with Nick Sirianni by clicking here. Be forewarned. It isn't for the faint of heart.

We're guaranteed at least one more game. The questions are about whether or not the Eagles have a chance versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and if they have the ammo to walk into the Divisional Round of the playoffs and win. Many believe they aren't, and it seemingly doesn't matter who the potential opponent is when we entertain possible scenarios.

Good gracious. How did we get here? It wasn't supposed to be this way. We were all buzzing after the overtime win over the Buffalo Bills. Now, there is pain where positivity used to be.

We'll be honest. We haven't given up, but we aren't overflowing with confidence either. We'll tell you what though. We'll be locked and loaded come January 15th, even if this is Philly's last stand.

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