Loved radio host believes Nick Sirianni's Eagles coaching tenure is on thin ice

If you're looking for some positivity, don't worry. We have you covered... Okay, rather than make promises, we'll promise to try.
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Once upon a time, we could go on for hours about how loyal Philadelphia Eagles fans were and how much they knew about the game of football. We still believe that first part, but that second theory... Come on! How many times have you looked at the comment section on a social media post and felt like you wanted to rip your insides out?

What's that? Oh yeah... We promised positivity and have no plans of cheating you or tricking you. How about this? We promise to do our best. That had to be stated to lead into our hook though.

When time permits, we spend much of our mornings and afternoons pumping 94 WIP-FM through the speakers. We laugh. We get frustrated, but more often than not, smiles creep across our faces. There's nothing like healthy and spirited debate, and there's nothing like the passion of a Philly sports fan.

That brings us to a conversation we heard last week. Birds fans were asked who they have more faith in, Jalen Hurts or Nick Sirianni. You see where this is headed, right?

Jon Ritchie says Nick Sirianni is a 'lame-duck head coach. While we respect his opinion, we're hoping to offer some positivity.

Say what you will about Nick Sirianni. He's weird sometimes. He most certainly doesn't drink decaf, but the Philadelphia Eagles have been fun to watch during his era as head coach... And, most importantly, they're winning.

In three seasons as Eagles head coach, Nick has won just under 67% of his games as head coach en route to a 34-14 regular-season record. There are just a few problems. One of which is that winning percentage dips to just 40% during the postseason.

His 2-3 mark is marred by a crushing loss in Super Bowl LVII. That run in his second season is bookended by embarrassing Wild Card losses in years one and three. Both came in Tampa at the hands of the Buccaneers. No one has to be reminded about the collapse we witnessed last season.

Maybe that's the reason why, during a recent poll offered by 94 WIP's Morning Show with Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie, much of the fan base said they believed more in Jalen Hurts than his head coach when they were asked to choose between the two.

We never saw the final results, but at one point, the tally was 88% in Hurts' favor. Jon Ritchie, whom we all love, threw a little gas on the fire however as he added Sirianni is a "lame-duck coach".

Ouch... Here's a quote.

"I'm very bothered by the fact that we might be forced to change coaches in the very near future. You know like we have a lame-duck coach. Does anyone think, if he struggles to open the season, (or) the second quarter of the season, (or) down the stretch of the season, he will be canned...

Whether he's canned during the season or right at the end of the season, I'm saying, he's not long for Philadelphia if it doesn't go well... I'll feel sympathy for the guy more than I feel respect and admiration for the guy..."

Again... Ouch... Okay... Where do we go here? Here's where we start. We'll take the positive approach (or do our best).

Look, we realize some of you have already begun tossing ideas around in your head about potential Nick Sirianni replacements. Truthfully, we can't guarantee Coach will enjoy a long stay at his current position, but let's be honest. Philly can do much worse than Nick Sirianni.

Seven head-coaching hires were made in 2021. Four of those coaches have been fired (Brandon Staley, Urban Meyer, Arthur Smith, and David Culley). Robert Saleh (Jets), Dan Campbell (Lions), and Coach Sirianni are the remaining members of the hiring cycle. Some believed Sirianni and Culley might have been the worst hires.

Which tenure would you rather have witnessed as a football fan? Would you have signed up for Brandon Staley's run with the L.A. Chargers knowing what you know now? How about that muddled mess captained by Robert Saleh in New York with the Jets? Remember when many of you wanted him? How about Urban Meyer's 11-month tenure in Duval County? That went well, right?

Here's the point. Philly could do a lot worse than Nick Sirianni. It hasn't been a perfect tenure, but after taking over a four-win team, he has led the Birds to postseason appearances in each of his first three seasons. Andy Reid and Doug Pederson didn't even do that.

Now, every coin has two sides, and we acknowledge that. We're still trying to wrap our minds around this 'CEO head coach' thing. We realize he's been stripped of most of his power. Common sense says it's probably hard for guys to invest a ton of respect in him if they know that's the case. Here's where we stand though.

Coaches are leaders of men, and we have seen Nock's players play hard for him and defend him at every turn. Sometimes, that's the most important part of cementing the building blocks of a winning culture.

We may not have any data to back up this assumption at the moment, other than the overall win-loss total, but something tells us this will work out. Fingers are crossed. We're hoping we're right.

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