Russell Wilson benching is further evidence the Eagles are fortunate he avoided them

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos
Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

There's an old theory that states teammates and coaches can tell us a lot about an NFL star's character. Do the guys in the locker room speak up for them? Do they defend them publicly? Philadelphia Eagles fans can speak to this theory for so many reasons.

Remember that Carson Wentz/Nick Foles thing? One guy, Wentz, was seen as selfish and a bad teammate, and we know that at least two wide receivers who played with him were less than fond of him.

The other guy, Foles, has a statue outside Lincoln Financial Field and saw several teammates build a shrine in his locker when he left. Having the right guy playing the quarterback position can make all of the difference in the world for a professional football team. That brings us to Russell Wilson.

Have you heard? The Denver Broncos are benching him.

The Eagles are still experiencing the fortune that has come from Russell Wilson's decision to play elsewhere.

The Eagles are back on the winning trail. Questions exist about body language, but two days after Christmas, Russell Wilson dominates the headlines.

The guy so many Eagles fans and media members wanted in midnight green OVER JALEN HURTS won't be starting the Broncos' final two games. Let that sink in for a second. Now, think about this. Again, many Eagles fans wanted this guy.

Telling Russell Wilson's story is difficult. He's one of the greatest dual-threat quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. He's a future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, but there are also the stories of the drama that comes with having him take up residency as your franchise's signal-caller.

We mentioned the former teammates/former coaches angle earlier. Think about it. How many times have you heard stories about the Wilson/Legion of Boom friction? How many times have you heard present or former teammtes step up to defend 'DangerRuss'?

How many current Broncos are complaining about his benching? How many teammates complained when Carson Wentz was benched or when he left?

Here's the answer. We aren't discussing a lot of people.

Russell Wilson didn't want to play for the Eagles because if he wanted to, he probably would have been. We could argue however that adding him to the Eagles roster would have been the equivalent of adding a more talented Carson Wentz. Both are uniquely talented. Both have diva reputations. Both tend to elevate teammates and alienate them.

We won't get into any specifics. Doing so would make us look like we're kicking two men when they are down. Here's where we'll end this though.

There's no evidence that Russell Wilson's benching is related to his issues with being a good teammate (or his reputation for being a diva). All we're saying is we're glad Jalen Hurts is our quarterback. He possesses many of the physical gifts we have seen in both Wentz and Wilson. He's a much better leader.

The back half of Wilson's career continues to suggest the Eagles did themselves a solid by ignoring him. This is one of those rumored Eagles acquisitions that we're glad didn't work out.

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