Seahawks staff member's mini-altercation with A.J. Brown doesn't lead to his ejection

Okay. We've had enough. Something foul is afoot.
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Well, this is peculiar... Remember that Dom DiSandro ejection? You know the one. DeVonta Smith was body-slammed. Big Dom and Dre Greenlaw got into it, and the Philadelphia Eagles' head of security saw his ejection?

Guess what? There was a similar instance during Monday Night Football in Week 15.

Here's what happened. A member of the Seattle Seahawks staff made contact with Philly's star receiver. Take a look.

No flag was thrown. No ejection followed the moment. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Yep! That's what we thought.

People say Birds fans complain too much. Say what you will, but we'd love to hear the explanation about why these two instances vary and why Dom gets ejected and this guy doesn't.

Whether it's cries to ban the Brotherly Shove or the onesided style of officiating, here's where we stand. Haters are going to hate. Something foul is afoot. How's that for analysis?

You just wait. There will be discussion about banning slant routes to A.J. Brown next because the Eagles are too good at that. Say it with us. They don't like us. We don't care.