Silver linings for those dark clouds hovering over Eagles Nation after loss to Jets

Eagles fans are a little taken aback following Week 6's loss to the Jets and rightfully so, but here's your pick-me-up!
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Cheer up Eagles fans. We have come to put the sting of Week 6's loss to the Jets behind us.

What a difference three hours make. As the Philadelphia Eagles were kicking off their Week 6 clash with the New York Jets, the Cleveland Browns were doing the Birds a solid. They put a bow on an upset win over the mighty San Francisco 49ers. All Philly had to do was beat a team they had never lost to in 12 previous meetings and they'd take sole possession of the top spot in the National Football Conference.

Welp... Let's just say that things don't always play out as we plan for them to. There isn't a Birds fan living in or outside the Delaware Valley that doesn't know how that turned out.

Sunday's affair was a strange one, a game where weird things kept happening and seemingly never ended. We won't revisit it. This story is a pick-me-up, and the regular season is an 18-week, 17-game grind.

Some losses are tougher to take than others, even if we see the proverbial train coming, but fear not brethren! We will endure. Here are a few silver linings we found in those dark clouds. Hopefully, this one gives you all a few reasons to smile.