Silver linings for those dark clouds hovering over Eagles Nation after loss to Jets

Eagles fans are a little taken aback following Week 6's loss to the Jets and rightfully so, but here's your pick-me-up!
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Seriously, would you rather be an Eagles or Jets fan right now?

We say this all of the time. It bears repeating. On any given Sunday, any team can lose. They can also lose if the game is on Thursday night or Monday evening. You get the idea. You know what we're trying to say here.

Philly lost to the Jets. It sucked, but it happens. The Eagles are still better than the Jets are. The Niners are still better than the Browns. Come on. Would you rather be an Eagles fan or a Jets fan right now? Do you think they're talking about being one of the best teams in their conference?

The Birds still have a realistic shot of playing deep into January and the potential to get back to football's biggest game.

The mistakes will be corrected. They always are!

Hey, again losing sucks, but we trust this coaching staff. We trust Jalen Hurts and this offense, even now. This defense is only going to get better.

The goal here is to have a short memory and avoid allowing one loss to become a two-game losing streak. Next up on the horizon is a high-powered Miami Dolphins team. They'll see an even more focused Eagles roster now.

We expect Philly's best effort in Week 7. Why? Because that's what they have always given us, particularly after losses.

Lane Johnson's injury isn't serious!

Let this one sink in!

Enough said. If that doesn't get your blood flowing, check your pulse!

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