Strange occurrences witnessed during Eagles vs Cowboys Week 9 war that won't happen on Sunday Night Football

It was the 4th quarter from heart-health hell. Hopefully, we won't have to relive it.
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 9 clash gave way to the unexplained and unnatural.

Week 14 pits the Philadelphia Eagles against their long-time rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. This one's a rematch of their Week 9 game. That one was a gut-wrenching bout as a whole, but it included what was seemingly the world’s longest fourth quarter ever recorded, one we remember all too vividly. 

It’s football, and weird things happen in the game we love. We all know that, but that game, specifically that fourth quarter of the game, was the stage for some very weird occurrences. And, it’s the weird things that make each game either memorable or forgettable.

This one gave us a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Let's hope the strange stuff doesn't resurface.

Three things that we witnessed during Week 9's Eagles vs. Cowboys clash won't happen in Week 14... we hope.

Some Friday the 13th mojo came early for the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 9 pm November 5th. Hopefully, the strange stuff will escape us in Week 14 on Sunday Night Football. Let's look back on a night that almost wrecked the mental health of an entire fan base.