Strange occurrences witnessed during Eagles vs Cowboys Week 9 war that won't happen on Sunday Night Football

It was the 4th quarter from heart-health hell. Hopefully, we won't have to relive it.
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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1. Reed Blankenship stops Luke Schoonmaker at the half-inch line to force a turnover on downs.

This is not a knock on Reed Blankenship. We know how good and how underrated he is. This is more about how Luke Schoonmaker ran a terrible route that probably prevented him from scoring a touchdown.

He’s a rookie tight end and running a route on 4th-and-goal that doesn’t take you into the end zone is about as rookie of a move as a player can make. You have to imagine that this was the first coaching point the Cowboys staff made during the next position meeting.  

Dallas always get production from their tight ends. It’s an unfortunate reality that manifests every single year… It sucks, especially since the Eagles have struggled against most tight ends this year. Blankenship and Byard are going to have to step up on Sunday night to stop the Cowboys' tight ends from getting revenge in what should be a tough NFC East clash.

2. Dak Prescott steps out on the two-point conversion

This won’t happen again because Dak Prescott seemingly adjusts fairly well after making mistakes and because he is playing much better now. Like, he’s playing dangerously better.

Yes, it’s foolish for anyone to think that he could be an NFL MVP Still, there are a few reasons why he’s in the conversation. Stepping out of bounds on a two-point conversion attempt isn't one of them though.

This lapse in judgment borders on being foolish. He is, however, much more of a get ‘sacked and lose a game’ type of guy rather than a ‘lose track of where the endzone and sideline boundary is’ guy. Let's hope the game doesn't come down to a Cowboys two-point conversion attempt on Sunday.