Strange occurrences witnessed during Eagles vs Cowboys Week 9 war that won't happen on Sunday Night Football

It was the 4th quarter from heart-health hell. Hopefully, we won't have to relive it.
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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3. The entire final drive put together by the Dallas Cowboys (with the exception of the last few plays).

Let’s hop in the time machine and relive the end of the Birds and Boys' first game: There are only 46 seconds left on the clock, the Cowboys are all out of time-outs, and they’re on their own 14-yard line. There’s no way they can do this, right? There’s no just no feasible way.

Then, weird things started happeing.

James Bradberry gets hit with a defensive pass interference when he smacks Michael Gallup. Bradberry also stays down on the sideline with some kind of injury. Now the Cowboys have the ball at the 50-yard line with 40 seconds left.

On the next play, Haason Reddick gets hit with a roughing the passer penalty, and Slay goes down with an injury. The Cowboys have the ball at the Eagles’ 25-yard line with 32 seconds remaining. The Birds don’t have a starting cornerback on the field and it's beginning to feel like the Cowboys are going to finish this off.

An 11-yard pass to CeeDee Lamb gets Dallas to the 11-yard line. A Jalen Carter penalty puts advances the ball to the six-yard line. Times are dire.

The wind shifts and the tides turn. Tyler Smith' false starts moves the Cowboys back. Finally, there's a breath of fresh air. BAM. Josh Sweat sacks Dak for an 11-yard loss. Less than 20 seconds are remaining. 

Dallas is in a 2nd-and-21 situation. The Eagles can do this, right? Dak takes a shot to the endzone that falls incomplete. The entire offense has to get back to the line, but they don’t. There’s a delay of game penalty.

It's now 3rd-and-26 with five seconds left. It’s the last play. Dak throws to Lamb. The Eagles’ defense swarms. Lamb fumbles. Eagles recover. Game over. Eagles’ win. 

If you didn’t see it, you wouldn’t believe it. Nonsense came from everyone. For the sake of everyone’s cardiovascular health, we have to hope that this game doesn’t come down to anything even close to that craziness again. As a matter of fact we're sure it won't... right?

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