Subplots surrounding an otherwise meaningless Eagles versus Colts preseason finale

  • The Eagles and Colts always seem to cross paths on the NFL's winding road.
  • They have again given us much to talk about.
  • Many of the more intriguing stories have nothing to do with the game.

Shane Steichen, Philadelphia Eagles
Shane Steichen, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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The curious tale of the Eagles and Colts continues.

There are never any shortages of available topics when it comes to Philadelphia Eagles football. Just look at the range of emotions that we endured this past week. Our former offensive coordinator, Shane Steichen, brought his Indianapolis Colts to the Novacare Complex for a visit. That alone would be enough to write about, but that was only the beginning.

Again, the NFL turned into its own testosterone-driven version of reality television, and two proud franchises that always seem to be tied to one another while also seemingly always headed in opposite directions provided the characters for our entertainment.

We have seen Indy find itself in need of head coaches, and they have fleeced the Eagles for their offensive coordinators twice in the span of five offseasons. We have seen Carson Wentz suit up for the Colts. We also saw Howie Roseman rob Indy of valuable draft capital in the process. In short, much of the reason we call Howie a genius is due to bad judgment calls by Colts general manager Chris Ballard.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. Philly and Jim Irsay's team saw their paths intersect yet again. They have again given us subject matter for fodder.

Here are four interesting subplots that surround the Eagles versus Colts preseason finale. What's interesting is most have nothing to do with what will happen in the game.