The case for and against the Eagles firing Nick Sirianni

Should Philadelphia part with its head coach in the offseason?
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles
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The argument for retaining Nick Sirianni as the Eagles head coach

Before Nick Sirianni became the Eagles' head coach, he spent time with former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich as an Indianapolis Colts staff member. He was an offensive coordinator then. This after stints as the San Diego Chargers offensive quality control coach (2013), quarterbacks coach (2014-15), and wide receivers coach (2016-17).

One of the many positive comments Reich lauded was the Eagles' latest head coaching hire was great at relating to his players.

"I think Nick has a great understanding that this is a players' game and you have to adapt to your players. As the offensive coordinator (in Indianapolis), he was the one leading the charge, and how we did that, and how we used the personnel that we had."

A.J. Brown most certainly is a Nick Sirianni supporter.

Despite losing five of their six games at the end of the regular season, many of the Eagles' top players have publicly mentioned that they are in Nick's corner. They have stuck by him during this difficult stretch of football. That says a lot, especially seeing as how there were rumors that he had lost the faith of the players in the locker room.

Nick is also a winner. Before December 3rd, the beginning of the skid, Sirianni had an outstanding record coaching the Eagles. He followed a 2-5 start back in 2021 with a 31-7 overall record in the regular season from that point until Philly's run-in with the San Francisco 49ers.

He offers both good and decent qualities as a head coach. Otherwise, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Say what you will. Qualifying for a Super Bowl is tough. Nick has done that, and he has led his team to the postseason in each of his first three seasons at the helm, but there are two sides to every coin, and Nick has his flaws.