Thankful gestures by Jalen Hurts and other Eagles locker room stories following Week 1 victory

We take a peek behind the curtain to check out some of the top locker room stories following a hard-fought Eagles win versus the Patriots in Week 1.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

We're off and running! Week 1's game was relatively interesting, wasn't it? The Philadelphia Eagles experienced some adversity and a few tense moments before pulling out a five-point victory in their regular season opener. As you might imagine, the stress they felt during a tough game versus a scrappy New England Patriots team spilled over into the NFL's most loyal fan base.

Some Birds fans have taken the 'a win is a win' approach. Others have spent their Sunday evening and Monday morning discussing adjustments that need to be made. The questions being asked are worth mentioning.

Did we understate the significance of replacing two coordinators? Has Philly's negligence in stocking their linebcaker and safety units come back to haunt them? Did this team really burn two timeouts because of the special teams unit? How does Dallas Goedert finish the game with zero catches?

Yes friends... There's much to discuss.

Here are some of the top locker room stores that we heard following the Eagles' narrow win versus New England.

Our Inside The Iggles staff didn't make the trip to Foxborough.... Why would anyone go to Foxborough? That's another story for another day, but thankfully, we can rely on the Philly media when we're enjoying a lazy Sunday. Let's talk about a few stories we heard after the game.

Jalen Hurts shows tremendous leadership.... again.

Forget the one-liners and highlight-reel plays. Leadership can sometimes be an action word, and Jalen Hurts truly gets it. Following a tough day by the Eagles offense, QB1 walked around to thank every single defensive player for their effort in the second half. There's no need to question why this team rallies around this young man!

Josh Sweat blames his inability to haul in a near-interception on Mac Jones.

One of the highlight-reel plays of Josh Sweat's career so far is, no doubt, his pick-six interception versus the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Eve. He came oh so close to adding another to his resume versus the Patriots. He blamed Mac Jones when he didn't.

During a recent Eagle Eye podcast with Reuben Frank, Dave Zangaro tells a funny story. Josh Sweat told him that he presented his hands to Mac Jones, but the Patriots signal-caller thre him off by throwing the ball at his face.

Dallas Goedert takes a tough day in stride.

Another of the big takeaways of Week 1's win was Dallas Goedert leaving the playing field having registered nary a reception. We aren't worried about that. Philly's offensive coordinator, Brian Johnson, will figure that out and clean that up. Everyone knows one of the NFL's best tight ends needs to see some touches.

In the meantime, Number 88 is taking a tough day in stride. Good for him!

Here's where we stand. DeVonta Smith didn't register a single catch versus the Detroit Lions last year in Week 1. He ended up setting a franchise record for receptions by a wide receiver. Sit back. Relax. No one should worry. Goedert made big plays, and he will have a big year

Players react to another opening day victory.

Here's something that has been lost during all of these discussions. Nick Sirianni is 3-0 in regular-season openers since taking over as Eagles head coach. We'd be remiss if we didn't state, however, that each win has been more stressful than the last.

Philly throttled the Atlanta Falcons in 2021. The Detroit Lions were beaten last season in a shootout. This time around, we survived a scare. The players have said the right things. This was a "great team win" and "we have to clean some stuff up" and "corrections will be made". It's good to see everyone is in good spirts.

Week 1 hero Darius Slay, kicker Jake Elliott. head coach Nick Sirianni, and QB1 Jalen Hurts all spoke with select members of the media following Week 1's victory. Check out the official postgame shows from and Jakib Sports. There is a lot of great information here.

Week 2's game is on Thursday. It's in primetime, and the Minnesota Vikings are the opponent. They lost their home-opener in Week 1 versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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