Tipping our caps to three fathers of three very impressive Eagles running backs

  • Running backs are physical specimens and very tough dudes.
  • Family genetics play a part in that.
  • Look no further than the fathers of the Eagles' tailbacks.
  • Yes, we're ranking dads today.
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles
D'Andre Swift, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Following the Philadelphia Eagles' August 3rd practice, we saw running back D’Andre Swift hug a guy that looked like he was made of 100% muscle. That guy was Swift’s father, Darren Swift. Frankly, we can't get him off of our minds. He looked like he could take ten to 15 snaps in an NFL game and be effective.

A statement as old as time has been thrown around playgrounds all across the world: "My dad can beat up your dad." It's (hopefully) rarely actually discovered, but the (hopefully) hypothetical challenge is out there in the ether.

Though the current NFL devalues running backs, we can't stop discussing Philly's guys. If these guys are impressive as the men that raised them, this is going to be a physically and mentally tough bunch.

Three fathers of three Eagles that we'd love to employ as bodyguards

NFL running backs are some of the toughest, most genetically gifted people in the world. Sometimes, as the old saying goes, they get it from their fathers. This begs the question: How do we sign up for the same workout regimen that some of these NFL fathers have adopted or hang out with them to soak up some of the knowledge they instilled in their sons?

Something tells us Rashaad Penny, D'Andre Swift, and Kenneth Gainwell are a lot more like the rest of us than we realize. They probably told a childhood friend or two that 'my dad can beat your dad up'. You know what? They may have been right, but here's something else. They raised good men with good character, and that deserves a tip of the cap as well.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this circumstance, it appears the cover tells us a lot about the story. Here's a tip of the cap to three impressive fathers.

3. Rashaad Penny (Robert Penny)

Rashaad Penny is a bowling ball of butcher knives. He’s listed at five-foot-eleven and tips the scales at 220 pounds, but he’s trying to lose some weight in an attempt to stay healthy.

Fear not. A more toned Penny will still be a tank of a man. Something tells us his dad wasn't someone you wanted to mess with either, even if Rashaad describes him as a gentle giant.

2. Curtis Gainwell Sr (Kenneth Gainwell)

Kenny Gainwell isn't as physically stout as Penny (the former is listed as five-foot-nine and 200 pounds). There's one thing that Kenny G can lay claim to however that Rashaad can't. He escaped injury early in his career. Could that be credited to genetics?

Okay, maybe it's not genetic. Tearing your Achilles has to suck. Then you amplify that by tearing it while celebrating after a touchdown that got called back? YEESH. 

On the other side of that coin, this is so metal. That is some serious next-level hardcore stuff. You automatically gain a billion respect points for celebrating your son’s Super Bowl touchdown so violently that you essentially tear your foot off. That is so awesome. Curtis Gainwell is a confirmed very tough dude. 

1. Darren Swift (D’Andre Swift)

We all knew Mr. Swift was going to be number one on this list. You know how sharks don’t have any bones? That’s Darren Swift. He looks like he doesn’t have bones and he’s just constantly flexing his muscles to keep his body upright. It’s nuts.

D’Andre Swift is another normal-sized running back, one listed at five-foot-nine and 200-ish lbs, and when he gives his dad a hug you can see that Darren is maybe an inch shorter than D’Andre. You can also see that Darren might have arms that weigh 200 lbs a piece. 

Everything about him exudes tough guy. The bald head and extreme beard combo, the painted-on shirt, the traps that go halfway up his skull… Darren Swift easily walks away as the toughest-looking dad.

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