Top 6 NFC East cornerbacks in 2023 ranked: Eagles are still a force to be reckoned with

Darius Slay and James Bradberry will again line up outside for the Eagles.

The NFC East is loaded with talent at the position.

The Giants and Commanders have work to do if they're going to compete

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
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Despite losing some steam late in 2022, Darius Slay still tops our list as the NFC East's top cornerback.

As mentioned earlier, Darius Slay began the 2022-2023 Eagles campaign on fire. He cooled later, and there is some fear that we could be at the beginning stages of his age finally catching up with him. Still, even with a bit of a drop-off, he's still better than the majority of the players at his position.

2. Stephon Gilmore, Dallas Cowboys

Stephon Gilmore may be getting by on his reputation now. We tend to spend more time talking about what he's already done than discussing what he is doing currently.

Three teams have given up on him since October of the 2021 NFL season, and no one should be shocked if he goes 'one and done' in Dallas. For now, however, he's still good enough to allow us to believe the Cowboys are going to be better in coverage.

1. Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles

According to Pro Football Focus, Darius 'Big Play' Slay only allowed 54.7% of passes thrown into his coverage to be caught during the regular season. Their research also states he gave up fewer than 25 yards in each of his three playoff games.

Having Bradberry on the opposite side of the formation has benefited him greatly, and if he finishes the coming season with a respectable showing that is free of injury, most will be satisfied. That seems to be a reasonable request based on his history. Be very excited as a Birds fan.