Top ten Philadelphia Eagles of all time, ranked by artificial intelligence

  • Some of the names will make sense.
  • Some of the names mentioned will make you scratch your head.
  • Artificial Intelligence ranks the top ten Eagles of all time.
#20 Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles
#20 Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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5. Donovan McNabb, quarterback

While we hope Jalen Hurts plays for a long time and surpasses him in most of the important stats that we use to quantify elite QB play, Donovan McNabb, statistically, is the best QB in the history of this proud franchsie.

"McNabb was a prolific quarterback who set numerous passing records during his tenure. His ability to throw accurately and run with the ball made him a dual-threat, leading the team to multiple NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance."


McNabb threw for 32,873 yards and 216 touchdowns in his 11 years with the Eagles during the regular season. He crafted a 9-7 record in the postseason. He never won the big one. Fans are split on how he should be remembered, but there's no mistaking the fact that he is one of the best players in franchise history.

4. Steve Van Buren, running back

Hall of Famer Steve van Buren takes the fourth slot on this list. Thanks to his extensive resume, no one would disagree about him being on a list of the top ten players to ever play for this franchise.

"A Hall of Famer and one of the greatest running backs of his era, Van Buren was a powerful and elusive runner. He led the NFL in rushing four times and helped the Eagles secure two NFL Championships in the late 1940s."


Not only has Van Buren long been a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he also earned five All-Pro selections during eight seasons while playing on two NFL Championship-winning teams that pitched shutouts.

He's a member of the NFL's All-1940s Team. Van Buren played for the Eagles for his entire career, from 1944-1951. He collected 5860 yards and 69 touchdowns in only 83 games and led the league in both yards and touchdowns on four separate occasions.