Two Eagles rivals all but ruin their chances at a postseason berth

Technically, the Giants and Commanders aren't eliminated from contention yet, but give them some time.
Brian Daboll, Philadelphia Eagles news
Brian Daboll, Philadelphia Eagles news / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Six losses in ten regular-season games this season. That's the Washington Commanders' story. More has happened, but in the end, that's really all that matters. The New York Giants, another Philadelphia Eagles rival, have actually been worse.

After yet another debilitating loss, the G-Men are the owners of a 2-8 win-loss total. Call us cynical, but watching both teams struggle has been a joy to watch.

Big Blue was embarrassed in Week 10 by the Dallas Cowboys again. The Commanders took one on the chin in the Pacific Northwest. We can thank the Seattle Seahawks for that.

Though they technically aren't eliminated from contention, both Washington and New York have all but ruined their shots at postseason play. Did we mention that we aren't bothered by any of this?

As expected, the race for the NFC East's crown will be won by the Eagles or the Cowboys.

Philly sat idle in Week 10, as did their next opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs. They meet in Week 11 on Monday Night Football to close the show on another week of NFL action. A second consecutive NFC East title might be in reach for the good guys.

The Birds are off to a good start in that regard. The Cowboys are the owners of two more losses than Philly has, three in total. The Eagles also own an early tiebreaker thanks to their victory over Dallas in Week 9.

The Birds and Boys meet again in Week 14 on December 10th. That one's in primetime on Sunday Night Football. AT&T Stadium in Arlington is the backdrop.

Philly will need to bring their A-game in that one. They haven't beaten the Cowboys on the road since 2017. Expect a few Eagles fans to find their way in front of a television to check that one out.

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