4 underrated moves Philadelphia Eagles made in 2023 offseason

Sydney Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
Sydney Brown, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Philly finally makes Chip Kelly's dream come true by adding Marcus Mariota.

This probably doesn't fall in the category of lesser-mentioned stories. Depending on the circles you hang out in, you have probably discussed Marcus Mariota a lot. The goal is for Jalen Hurts to start all 17 regular-season games and for us to see Mariota on the field minimally (garbage time would be adequate), but Jalen has yet to complete a season without injury. It feels like QB2 needs a mention for that reason.

Hurts missed Week 13 of the 2021 NFL season with an ankle injury. He and the starters were rested in Week 18 of that same season. Last year's injury kept him out of Week 16 and Week 17. In both years, he missed time in December.

Had former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly had his way, Mariota would have been a Bird long ago. They spent the 2011 and 2012 NCAA football seasons together at Oregon. Finally, Chip's wish has been granted, even though he isn't here (thank goodness).

This is a good move for Philly. Again, the goal, as always, is to keep Jalen Hurts upright, but if an emergency occurs and he is forced to miss time, it's nice to have a capable backup in the fold. Where Mariota and Minshew differ is Philadelphia doesn't have to change as much of the offensive gameplan with Marcus under center... Or, should we say 'in the shotgun'?