Unsolicited advice for Eagles assistant Brian Johnson to help cure Philly's offensive ills

We have decided to give Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson some unsolicited advice even though we're certain he isn't interested.
Jalen Hurts, Brian Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Brian Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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If anyone has a Brian Johnson's personal cell phone number, please send it our way. We'd like to offer the Eagles O.C. some advice.

Before another word is typed to begin this story, I would like to make a few things abundantly clear. Minus a few exceptions, most of the writers that have come through the Inside The Iggles school of journalism, myself included, never suited up for a football game once high school ended. With that being said, every Philadelphia Eagles prospect that has ever walked through the NovaCare Complex was better at their job than I would have been.

Let's talk about my coaching background. I hung out with a few family members and friends while they put together a few awesome AAU basketball squads. I also coached my nephew and some of his friends for a while... You know... before they got good at what they were doing.

With that being said, I'm probably not qualified to give new Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson some advice. That, however, won't stop me from doing so.

To those of you who have tricked yourselves into believing that you can coach because you can win while playing EA's Madden NFL 24 game on its toughest level, I salute you. I aslo stan with you. I'd just like to inform you of one more thing.

Stop telling yourselves that you can call plays better than Brian Johnson. You can't, but for kicks, let's offer some advice about how to fine tune this offense and make it hum again.