Updated NFC Playoff Picture After Week 15: Eagles lose third straight in December

The Eagles, with a Week 15 loss, are again staring up at the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East.
Jordan Mailata #68, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Mailata #68, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, now, we're a little worried. The Philadelphia Eagles still haven't won in December. Each loss during this three-game losing streak has looked worse than the loss it followed. The most recent will be tough to get over.

The callers on all of the Philly sports stations are going to be a little angrier on Tuesday. We knew the Birds had clinched a playoff spot on Sunday before having to play a game, but that's beside the point. A win was needed. That win didn't come on Monday Night Football

The homestretch is upon us. We're off to a bad start on that front. The Eagles are again looking up at the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. Let's look ahead slightly and talk about the postseason.

NFC playoff picture, Week 16: There's no way the Eagles catch the 49ers now right?

Okay... Game on! The Birds are reeling at 10-4, but there are three games remaining. The San Francisco 49ers, however, are on fire.

Philly needs to win out AND they need two more losses by the Niners to regain the top seed in the National Football Conference. Will San Fran drop any? Their game versus the Baltimore Ravens feels like the only chance we have of seeing it happen.

There's more regular-season football to be played. Anything can happen. In the meantime, here's a look at the NFC's current playoff picture.

The division leaders:

San Francisco 49ers - 11-3, 1st in the NFC West
Dallas Cowboys - 10-4, 1st in the NFC East
Detroit Lions - 10-4, 1st in the NFC North
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 7-7, 1st in the NFC South

The Wild Card Teams:

Philadelphia Eagles - 10-4, 2nd in the NFC East
Minnesota Vikings - 7-7, 2nd in NFC North

Los Angeles Rams - 7-7, 2nd in NFC North

Teams in the hunt:

Seattle Seahawks - 7-7, 3rd in NFC West
New Orleans Saints - 7-7, 2nd in NFC South

Atlanta Falcons - 6-8, 3rd in NFC South
Green Bay Packers - 6-8, 3rd in NFC North

Again, three games remain. The Eagles sandwich a home game versus the Arizona Cardinals between home and road dates versus the New York Giants (they're 5-9). Things are tightening