Eagles versus Commanders vibe check: Washington fans have sobered ahead of Week 4 in Philly

The Commanders started their season off with two wins, but their Week 3 loss has sent their fans careening off of cloud nine and back down to Earth.
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders
Arizona Cardinals v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles are matched up versus the Washington Commanders in Week 4. The Commanders and. more importantly, their fans were brought back to Earth last week, losing to the Buffalo Bills by a final score of 37-3. The three points that Washington was able to muster came in garbage time with 49 seconds remaining in the game. It was, for all intent and purposes, a shutout.

Ahead of that game, Commanders fans were very high on their team. They sat at 2-0. Both wins came by way of fourth-quarter comebacks. Early success for a team that no one was super high on had gotten the blood pumping.

They have now been humbled... as they should have been. There are Commanders fans who still have high hopes, but for the most part, the majority have accepted the inevitability of a Week 4 loss.

Ahead of their date with the Eagles, Commanders fans are coming to terms with reality after their favorite team's recent loss.

Let's begin with Washington's delusional fans. We want to see the people who are optimistic so we can watch their dreams get dusted. That being said, it is heartwarming to see other people have faith and aspirations for a team that's going to unavoidably become a disaster. Hooray for positivity I guess?

The video in that tweet is just two minutes long and it is well worth the listen/watch. It looks like, through three games, the Commanders have a total of four highlight-worthy plays that they put in that video over and over and over again.

It's reminiscent of the Eagles' 2021 season where every promo used the DeVonta Smith touchdown from Week 1 for about six straight weeks.

Now let's move into the tired and the poor, the huddled masses and the wretched refuse. These are the fans that are so close to the dirt that they can't be crushed. Those are the real ones. Let's poke fun at the people who have nothing to lose.

It took one loss for @SamHowellMVP to arrive at his theory. "Sam Howell is far from being good." This guy was never fooled by the Commanders' two wins. Here's a side note. Everything that he said is true, so it isn't like he's overreacting. It was, in many ways, the perfect tweet.

It's been about ten weeks since Josh Harris bought the Commanders on July 21st. Gotcha! It's hard not to love Colby's dedication to the bit. If you tell one owner to sell the team, then you have to tell every owner to sell the team until you get what you want. Those are the rules.

Merging someone's face with Carson Wentz's face is the meanest thing you can do to another human being. This is cyberbullying. Also, we haven't seen that much of Howell, but he can't be that bad right? That'd be impossible.

The Eagles sacked Wentz nine times during their Week 3 meeting in 2022, and almost all of them were Carson's fault. Let's set that number as the benchmark for whether or not Howell is as bad as Wentz. That seems reasonable.

What good would elevating the composer of the soundtracks to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, and E.T. do? He's a 91-year-old man. This is wild.

You know that if Casey says it, then it must be true. Jalen Carter might actually sack Howell nine times by himself. This pass rush is going to be grotesquely dominant.

The vibes around the Eagles and their red zone offense have been undoubtedly shaky. They still, however, pale in comparison to the Commanders fans' vibes.

Washington is walking a very thin line between 'good' and 'Let's January 6th Jack Del Rio's office.' After Sunday, we fully expect these guys to become unhinged and begin calling for people to lose their jobs.

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