Vikings fans are deliciously pessimistic ahead of Thursday Night Football game versus Eagles

Hang out on social media to see how Vikings fans are feeling ahead of their second regular season game versus the Eagles, and you might find some entertainment in what you find.
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard that the Philadelphia Eagles second game of the season is a tussle with the Minnesota Vikings. The guys from Minneapolis find themselves in a pretty unfortunate situation, given they have to walk into Lincoln Financial Field for Philly's home opener.

Making matters worse for the Vikes are the following nuggets. This one will be played in prime time on national television. Minnesota lost its Week 1 home opener to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (a game many thought would be an easy win for them).

We know that the Mondays during the NFL regular season are aptly named, 'Overreaction Monday' for a reason. Vikings fans are suffering from a tough loss. Here's an entertaining task if you have some free time.

Hang out on the Vikings’ subreddit (r/minnesotavikings). You’re sure to find many fans commenting and/or panicking. They don't seem to be happy with how the season is going ahead of their favorite team's matchup with Philly.

Vikings fans are down in the dumps ahead of Thursday night's game versus the Eagles.

We have discussed the Eagles' offensive showing in Week 1 ad nauseam. How do the SKOLdiers feel about Philly's attack? You figure they'd be pretty rational, right? It has to be, wouldn't you think?

That’s actually a fair and astute prediction by u/Dorkamundo. DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown should be able to tear the Vikes’ defensive backs to pieces. Jalen Hurts should certainly be able to move the ball and puncture the heart of their defense. 

It’s the overwhelming pessimism by u/fakeemail33993 that’s the star of the show here. Can you imagine being so tired of sports media flaming you for winning that you hope you get blown out? It’s fantastically cynical.

This is a very creative solution to a problem that the Vikings have. Instead of trying to use a quarterback who is the definition of mediocre, just have him compete in an entirely different and obscure sport. You love to see it.

By the way, if football games came down to Greco-Roman wrestling, a style that often involves throwing an opponent, the Eagles would win every game. No one on this planet is throwing Jordan Mailata or Jordan Davis around. It's simply impossible.

If you're the Vikings, you don't want 'Life Support Orangutan' memes to be on the front page of your subreddit after Week 1. The best part of picture is that they gave the orangutan eyebrows. It's an addition that no one knew they needed, but it's greatly appreciated.

Offer your Vikings friends a hug. Obviously don't actually hug them because it's Vikings Week, but just offer them a hug and immediately rescind the offer. You can sympathize with them, just don't empathize with them.

It's a pity party over there, you really almost want to feel bad for them because of their level of disappointment after just one game. It's really tempting until... you remember one very wise, very drunk man's words:

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