Vital questions the Philadelphia Eagles must answer before the postseason

The Eagles own an 8-1 record at the bye week, and we're still obsessed with possible adjustments.
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Did Kevin Byard really upgrade the defense's secondary?

We think we've figured out Howie Roseman's methods of roster building. We know... We know... Build from the trenches and all of that. Add defensive backs later on in the process. We get it. No, seriously we do, but how about that trade to land Kevin Byard? Howie hit one out of the park with that move!

We gave the new guy some grace. He was thrown into the fire in Week 8 after only being here a few days. We weren't too thrilled about that personal foul penalty in Week 9. That was costly, but if we were to grade the Philly native after two games, we'd have to call him 'average'.

Now, don't read what hasn't been written. The answer to the above question is yes. Kevin Byard absolutely upgrades the Eagle secondary. He did so simply by showing up. He's a better player than Terrell Edmunds. He provides veteran leadership. He's the best safety on this team, and it probably isn't close.

Byard is a hammer who entered the NFL in 2016 and has two First-Team All-Pro nods and two Pro Bowl seasons on his resume (2017, 2021). Don't be shocked if he earns another mention with a strong showing in the second half of the campaign.