Vital questions the Philadelphia Eagles must answer before the postseason

The Eagles own an 8-1 record at the bye week, and we're still obsessed with possible adjustments.
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles
Kevin Byard, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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How good can these young guys get? How quickly can they do so?

As lovers of Eagles football, we have been treated to some good products recently, but there's one area where we could admittedly see this team get better from time to time, in the development of some of the younger guys.

Now, this isn't a huge issue, and it isn't something we'd complain about. We have consistently seen undrafted guys make the team and contribute (Reed Blankenship, Britain Covey). We have seen a former Australian rugby star make the team and transform himself into one of the better players at his position.

We'd like to see more from some of the young guys though. Kelee Ringo has excelled on special teams. Sydney Brown has shown flashes, but we'd love to if at all possible, get more snaps for Nolan Smith.

We see no reason why so much work is being given to Derek Barnett. If Smith is healthy, and it appears that he is, we'd like to see him get some work. If the coaches develop these young guys and they take the next step, we might really see this team take off and take things to the next level.