Watch Bills star Jordan Phillips snap and go after Philly crowd during Eagles stunning comeback win

Sheesh! Watch Jordan Phillips think about going full-scale Hulk Smash on an Eagles fan in this clip.
Jordan Phillips, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Phillips, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

There's a psychological aspect to gaining a competitive advantage in sports. Truth be told, it really doesn't matter which sport we're discussing. In the City of Brotherly Love, fans support all of Philly's teams, but make no mistake about it. The Philadelphia Eagles reign supreme. Philly sports fans no doubt love football more than any other game.

Philly is also a great boxing town. It's home to both legends who are real (Smoking Joe Frazier) and those who are fictitious (Rocky Balboa). That being said, we're certain you'll enjoy a tale featuring aspects of psychological warfare and a boxing reference we'll draw as a parallel.

Home-field advantage doesn't always guarantee wins. Heck, if you're hosting the Eagles, Philly may have more fans in the crowd than the home team. Lincoln Financial Field is another animal though. There's no taking over The Linc, and Sunday evening, they pulled out the Jedi mind tricks to send one Buffalo Bills star over the edge.

Bills star Jordan Phillips was no match for the Jedi mind tricks of Eagles fans.

Muhammad Ali was once quoted as saying he liked to win fights before he stepped in the ring. He mastered the art of 'psychological advantage'. He irritated opponents in pre-fight press conferences. He had George Foreman tire himself out in the sweltering heat in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) before knocking him out to win The Rumble in The Jungle.

Yep. It isn't called 'the sweet science' for nothing.

Eagles fans aren't as deep as Ali. They'd rather irritate opposing fans in the stadium and make so much noise that the opposing team's offensive line jumps offsides. This past Sunday, Bills defensive lineman Jordan Phillips couldn't take the heat.

In fact, he got so irritated that he tried to go full-scale 'Hulk Smash' on an Eagles fan. @beccacavalier caught the festivities and shared them on Twitter, or X, or whatever that platform calls itself now.

Whoa! Talk about a meltdown! Come on dude! You have to be better than that. You know everyone has a camera on their cell phones and an Instagram account now.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and no one walked out of this one injured, but let the evidence show that this Eagles win streak is doing a number on every opponent before the game, during an after.

You guys can be angry over Brotherly Shoves and comeback wins all you want to. All is good in Eagles land. We'll keep stacking the wins up this way.

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