Watch: Jason Kelce was on one during the Chiefs' Super Bowl LVIII afterparty

We all probably should have seen this coming.
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Harry How/GettyImages

We should have known this was coming. The ingredients were all there: Both Kelce brothers were in Las Vegas and celebrating a Super Bowl win together. In a city full of high-profile shows, those two alone would be enough to draw a crowd.

And sure enough, in the aftermath of the Chiefs' 25-22 win over San Francisco in Super Bowl LVIII, videos of K.C.'s afterparty began surfacing on X. It may be hard for some of you to believe this, but Jason Kelce stole the show.

Sporting the same bright Chiefs ensemble he was seen wearing while watching the game in a suite (alongside some high-profile guests), Kelce added a matching Luchadores mask for reasons that can't really need to be explained. Everyone still understands though. He's Jason Kelce, after all:

Everything about this is perfect, and on-brand. The mask, the dancing, and the perfectly-timed coordination with the drop of the beat – it's all exactly what you'd want, and expect, from a Kelce brother.

The swinging-arms-right-into-belly-dance move is a nice touch. It's also probably tougher than it looks. Maybe the mask also helps with the sound? Just watching the video is enough to hurt the listener's ears. So, I could see how wearing a Luchador mask both feels/looks fun while also lowkey being a great way to protect one's hearing.

The whole ensemble is vaguely reminiscent of Kelce's outfit from the Eagles' parade, one when Jason stole the show in his Mummer's suit and fiery speech. Yeah... Granted, it looks weird – and almost certainly feels wrong – to see Kelce partying in Chiefs clothes after a Super Bowl win, but exceptions can be made.

If anything, it's a heart-warming underdog story to see that, at first appearance, Jason partied harder than Travis did last night. Maybe Travis is playing the long game – there's a whole offseason of partying in front of him, while Jason's got to go home and resume being a dad this week. But he got his money's worth last night, and we love to see it. Long live Jason Kelce and his immaculate party vibes.

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